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Who are we?

Medicare Health and Travel Services located in the capital of tourism Antalya in Turkey, provides international consultancy services to the whole world about health services and undertakes all the necessary organizations to complete the health care processes with the most attractive prices and privileged services to the people who want to receive services. In summary, It is a healthcare agency which provides companionship to its guests traveling in Turkey.

Medicare Health and Travel Services is an organization which was established in line with the ideas and power of managers experienced in tourism and service sector for more than 20 years and has positioned its characteristic structure on good communication, planned process, effective solution and guest satisfaction and adopted the principle of honesty and continuity.

The health service need which our guests who receive service through Medicare Health and Travel Services is planned at the most advantageous prices and internationally qualified organizations during their trip to Turkey. In addition, all travel needs such as flight tickets, hotel bookings, transfers, tours are planned by qualified team members who have adopted the basic principles of our company and during the time from the beginning to the end of  their travel this vision is adopted at the focal point of all services so that our guests will not feel away from the comfort of their homes

In the light of the active role of Turkey on health tourism at the international level, satisfying our guests and sending them to their homes in a happy way is our starting point by contributing to the sectoral development of our country in a sustainable way. It should not be forgotten that our development will be permanent as a result of growing the seeds of positive experience that we will provide to our guests.

Our Vision

Be the best organization in Turkey serving in its field among intermediary organizations.

Our Mission

To provide solutions for our guests who receive service through our company all the needs during their travels by ensuring that they complete the treatment processes at the best standards. To contribute Turkey to become the brand position of the location in the field of health tourism and to make it sustainable to increase the service satisfaction which we provide to our guests   together with our business partners.


Medicare Health & Travel Services
Medicare Health & Travel Services

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Medicare Health & Travel Services

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Medicare Health & Travel Services

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