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Aspendos Ancient City

Aspendos ancient city, known for its important cultural situated in one of the important dates in Turkey. In the 10th century BC, there were antiquities, and in the Belkis village of Serik district of Antalya. Aspendos Antique City, agora, theater, stadiums, baths, cisterns, shops, such as the structure consists of.

The most famous structure of the ancient city, where most of its buildings can survive until today, is the ancient theater of 12 thousand people. This ancient theater, which was built by Roman Zenon in the 2nd century AD, is one of the oldest examples of the scenes that have survived. Aspendos Antique City is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year.

Architecture of the Ancient City of Aspendos

The Aspendos Theater is a structure of Roman architecture. The construction of the small section and the flat arches on the hills reflect the characteristics of Rome. Some parts of the theater have been repaired and smoothed. The marble used in the living rooms and in the floorings made the historic structure to date. The stage building, which is long and narrow, has not changed its height. Horizontally extending stage structure is constructed as multi-storey. The Aspendos Theater, which has 5 doors with the doors used by the artists, shows a structure with many doors with a large number of doors. Part of this structure of the theater, which is in a semi-circular shape and stone-paved, is still intact.

The History of Aspendos Ancient City

The king of Aspendos wants to marry the person who has the most beneficial work for his daughter who comes to the age of marriage. In order to make an easy decision on this issue, the public announcement announces that it will be married to the girl who does the most useful work for the nation. Upon this announcement, the beneficial works of two people are presented to the king. One of the beneficial jobs is the aqueducts from the distant lands and the other is the Aspendos Theater. The characteristic of this theater is that it is an acoustic orchestra that best transmits the sound to the farthest. The king wants to give the girl the youngster who brought the aqueduct, but her daughter insists on seeing him again. When he arrives at the theater, the father enjoys Zenon mumbling in the orchestra and gives his daughter to the founder of the Aspendos orchestra.

Antalya City Museum

Founded in 2007 to investigate the contemporary history and urban culture of Antalya. Currently, the project is in preparation for Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. He organizes Kent-Museum-History interviews every weekend.

Atatürk House Museum

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, on March 6, 1930 when he came to Antalya for a week was two houses. It was organized in 1980 and opened to visitors as Atatürk Museum. Downstairs, the museum directorate and the meeting room used by Atatürk during his stay; On the top floor there are rooms with Atatürk's bedroom lounge and dresses. There is also a hall in the museum where banknotes and stamps have been used since the past. The portraits of Atatürk on the walls of the museum and the newspapers of the period when Atatürk came to Antalya can be seen.


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