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  • Implant Treatment
  • Laminated Covering
  • Zirconium Supported Porcelain
  • Full Porcelain Covering (Empress)
  • Bleaching
  • Tartar Cleaning (Scaling and Polishing)
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Mouth, Teeth and Jaw Surgery
  • Orthodonti
  • Periodontology

It is everybody’s dream that having a white and decent looking teeth. Healthy looking teeth effects your smile and looks directly. You can easily achieve that with the recent technologies. You can browse the special treatments that Medicare is offering.

Implant Treatment

You can lose your natural teeth due to cavities, gingival diseases, accidents etc. We can fill the empty spaces like your original teeth with the implant treatment. Implant treatment can be apply to anybody that is healthy and completed his jaw development. Implant treatment is applying any patient with good mouth hygiene with 98% success rate over 35 years. Also with the recent technological advances in scanning and advanced surgical technics, jawbone poorness is can be easily overcome.

The pain that going to felt by the patient is equivalent to a exodontia operation, so it is a very comfortable operation. In normal cases, the time cost of the operation is about 25-30 minutes. The time is going to spend on the operation may change due to the patient’s teeth and bone structure. The implant treatment is usually done after the following 3rd or 4th month after the firs operation. Meanwhile we wait for the osseointegration –the process that bones and implants emerge. Nevertheless there are different types of implants that can shorten that time period. Your dentist will inform you about which kind of implant is suitable for you.

The biggest advantage of the implant treatment is not hurting other natural teeth. Besides, averting the osteolysis, natural tooth feeling, simplicity of the operation are other important advantages of the operation. Also dental implants helps you to get back your natural smiling. It is very clear that a beautiful smile is the key of the self-confidence and feeling young.

You can purchase the best implant in the market with a 33% cheaper price in Turkey rather than European countries so you can get a world-standard service with a cheaper price tag. Turkey is the best option for both getting a good and cheap treatment and have a vacation in world-wide awarded high quality hotels.


Laminated Covering is an application that gluing a laminated porcelain sheet to front teeth to cover the aesthetic problems. This sheets that are made of porcelain has a thin, semipermeable layer. It gets prepared with care and gets positioned with a perfect fit to your teeth. It looks very natural in aesthetical way because of its thinness and metal-free structure.

Zirconium Supported Porcelains are white and zirconium alloy form its components rather than metals. It is very close to a natural tooth with its looks. It reflects the light and there will be no dark lines at the borders of the gingiva due to its white color. It is 100% compatible with human body and causes no allergic reactions.

It is made of reinforced porcelain. There no metal or another matter in its components. Full porcelain covering process is more expensive than other covering operations but it gets you the closest natural teeth looks.

Bleaching is cosmetic solution that whitens the teeth of the patient which might be etio about 2 or 3 tint or more depending on your desire.

You teeth can be whiter no matter what is the reason.

Bleaching process takes about 60 minutes as a one session at clinic. We use zoom system, which is assisted by led plasma light technology in our clinic. We activate the molecules of the whitening gel with this device to take a better and sooner result.

Tartar is a result of the pile up of the minerals in our saliva. A normal person should make a tartar cleaning every 6 months. Otherwise the possibility of having gingivitis or other gingiva diseases rise.

This is an intervention that is made when the endodontium became damaged irreversibly. The treatment is done by removing the pulps at the roots. If the infection is effecting only the pulps in the canal, tooth is probably alive and can be saved. But if the apex of the tooth is infected too, the tooth is considered dead and probably lost. You do not feel any pain during the root canal therapy. The endodontium gets removed by a tool named riffler. After that the canals of the edodontium gets expanded. When the expand process has finished, canals get filled by endodontic materials. The tooth with a removed endodontium can be used for years, depending on the situation of the tooth and patient.

Mouth, Teeth and Jaw Surgery includes removing of the cysts or sunk teeth and smoothing down the soft or hard tissues to help the prosthetic processes. It also includes the fixing of broken jaws and apicoectomy.

Orthodontia is specialism to diagnose, prevent and fix the problems at the teeth, head and head-neck skeletal zone both in orthodontic and orthopedic ways.

Orthodontic treatments not only covers the teeth problems, also includes skeletal disorders and anomalies, lip and palate tears at the babies, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and such against the common knowledge.

Periodontology is a department that covering problems like, gingival problems, diseases that is around the teeth, problems that is around the implants etc.

A health gingival must be soft pink color and look like a mantle of an orange. There must be no bleeding, oedema and such. Bleeding at the gingival is a symptom of the gingival infection.

Gingival recession is the sign of the damage at the bone that supporting the tooth itself. The gingival recession might jump the following tooth due to being in one form. The gingival recession treatment must be surgical. The healthy soft tissues of the patient are used for treatment.

Smoking is very harmful for gingival. It effects negatively of its color, shape, potential diseases and may cause irreversible damage.

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