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Having healthy and nice hair is the dream of everyone who cares for their physical appearance. Hair loss and the resulting change in appearance may have adverse effects on the psychology of many people. Hair transplant is practiced by medical specialists and experienced specialist teams using advanced technological devices and modern techniques.

What is hair transplant?

It is the process of transferring hair follicles from the areas with healthy hair (in the neck above the two ears) to the hairless areas. This surgical operation, called hair transplant, is some kind of autotransplantation since hair follicle transfer involves removing the hair follicles of a person to be transferred to the same person again.

FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction)

This is the technique which is used most commonly at present for hair transplant and which gives healthy results. Only by using the FUE method, it is possible to have growing hair that does not fall for a lifetime. This method involves removing follicular unit from the neck and over the ears where hair follicles are intense, with no cuts or stitches, and transferring the unit to the hairless areas. Therefore, this method is known as hair transplant without surgery. In this method, the follicles are removed by using lumen needles of various diameters with specially designed ends and a special device called FUE motor to which the needle is attached. The follicles, thus removed, are inserted one by one into the micro channels that are opened in the transplant area. The patient feels no pain because the operation, lasting about 4-5 hours, is performed under local anesthesia. The transplanted hair starts growing slowly in the third month. Between months 6-8 almost all of them is grown and a period of 10-12 months is needed for a full growth. The grown hair will not be lost for the lifetime. Although the preference is mostly for FUE method, which leaves no scar behind, sometimes FUT method may be required. Hair transplant may be performed not only for balding, but to increase the hair density in the thinned areas.


RP is 'Platelet Rich Plasma’ liquid. Platelet-derived autologous protein added to this liquid is applied to the areas of thin hair.

PRP system can be applied to males and females who have thinned, but not totally lost, hair for genetic or seasonal reasons. Successful results are also obtained in cases of regional hair loss which is called 'androgenic areata' in medical literature.

PRP system involves activating the platelets derived from your own blood using proteins again derived from the platelets and applying them to the scalp.

First of all, the patient’s 'miniaturization', that is, 'hair thinning' map is obtained and entered in the records. This is very important to make sure that the patient’s results can be effectively tracked both by the research team and by the patient himself.

Example: The map of hair follicles in the donor site and of those having entered the 'miniaturization' cycle, which means having lesser diameter. The map is used for determining whether the patient is eligible for PRP.

30 cc blood is obtained from the eligible patients in order to prepare the PRP, that is 'Platelet Rich Plasma’ liquid. This is about the same amount of blood with the blood you give in a tube when you go for having any blood test. The obtained blood, after being centrifuged for some time in the special device, is broken into its factors in the tube: red and white blood cells, plasma liquid and platelets. The platelets derived from here are specially processed for activation in order to get ready for application to the scalp.

After the material is applied to the scalp at 1 cm2 intervals using surface injection technique, the remaining amount can be specially processed to obtain some spray that can be sprinkled on the application area.

The area of application must be kept dry during the first 24 hours. Within this period, a slight pain can be felt because of the injections but this is a side effect that disappears in about two hours after the application. Since the PRP contains no other substances but a mixture of your own blood and natural proteins, absolutely no post-treatment allergic reactions or infection risks are involved.

This is a hair transplant technique involving an injection rich in stem cells obtained from the patient’s fat without using any chemicals. When this injection is applied into the hairless area, a high rate of success is obtained in the attachment ratio of the planted follicles, the prevention of hair loss and the revival of hair.

Obtaining Fat

50-100cc of fat is obtained from the abdominal region.


Stem cells are separated from this fat.


Stem cells are reactivated by your own fat using a special method.

Obtaining Hair Follicles from the Neck

An unlimited number of hair follicles are obtained from your neck, caring not to spoil its outlook.

Plantation and Injection

The activated stem cells are injected together with the follicles obtained from your neck.



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Do not stay in unhealthy environments nor work in heavy duty jobs. Protect the area of operation from physical impacts such as hits or strikes and from intense sun beams for at least two months and wear a hat if necessary.

Apply no other chemical substance to the area of operation than the medicines and products prescribed by the physician.

The location of the surgical cut may depend on the type of operation, type of prosthesis or your anatomy.

Staying away from smoking and drinking is recommended for facilitating the recovery process and for easier attachment of the planted hair follicles.

The patients will be given a detailed list of the things to do after the hair transplant is over. These instructions must be strictly observed.

There is no need for a special diet after the hair transplant, the person continues to eat and drink as usual.

The freshly planted hair follicles are sensitive, therefore, the area of operation must be very well protected from physical impacts such as hits or strikes and from intense sun beams for a couple of weeks after the operation. Hats may be worn when going outside. Hats also protect the operation area from the dust and polluted air outside.

Hair is washed once a day, starting from the third day after the operation. Avoid rubbing the area of operation with nails during the washing, use your palms and fingertips for a soft massage.

Sports activities must be discontinued for one week. A week later, light sports activities can be done such as walking and running. Weightlifting sports such as lifting dumbbells as well as football and similar sports involving hits and strikes must be discontinued for at least three weeks. Playing football is allowed after three weeks, on condition that care must be taken for not using the head to hit the ball.

Swimming and using the sauna or bath should be avoided for a period of two to three weeks. These places increase the infection risk.

It is not recommended to use for a period of six months tools such as razor and shaver which apply pressure on the head. Shaving must be done using scissors, which allows cutting without touching the scalp.

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